Our atelier works closely with the bride to create the ideal wedding dresses. We always craft our dresses from the highest quality Italian and French fabrics and laces. We ensure that the final product reflects exclusivity, a flawless fit and the highest quality.

Our atelier’s highest standard of craftsmanship, consists of our qualified embroidery and corset making department who can execute a flawless design to any preference. The wedding gowns can be created bespoke to a minimal or a more elaborate taste, where the brides have the opportunity to customize adjustable corsets or unique three dimensional embroidery.

Our top seamstresses will join the bride on the wedding day, to ensure that the dress will be a perfect fit for her special occasion.

Our creative director, Dina Melwani is guiding every step of the way and ensures that our artisans are bringing to life the perfect garment for you. We will guide you through every stage of the process and help you transform your dream wedding gown in to reality, thus ensuring that your vision is flawlessly translated in to the dress, with the finest attention to detail.
Our creative director, Dina Melwani will welcome the bride in our atelier, located in the heart of Dubai, where our beautiful bride’s vision will be explored and transformed in to reality. The bride will select from our highest quality laces, custom fabrics and have access to our exclusive embroidery swatches and corset designs. This will help the bride communicate her vision to our creative team.

Our brides can also meet first hand our masters and artisans and create together the embroidery drawings and designs. If they feel creative, they can include their own symbols in the embroidery design.
Following the initial appointment, our team will propose few unique couture sketches, representing the bride’s vision for her ideal dress, that will portray her beauty and femininity. Once our bride selects her final design, our highly experienced team will help refine it, and transform it from vision to reality, using the highest form of craftsmanship and execution.

According to the complexity of the design and embroidery, creating a dress can take several months to complete. Many departments are usually involved in creating a couture gown. Our technical department will ensure that the fit of the dress and the corset is flawless before proceeding to crafting the dress from our highest quality fabrics. Our embroidery department will develop first the unique drawing and sampling, before proceeding with the embroidery of the tulle. Finally the dress will be passed to our couture department, where all the final details will be completed and perfected by our artisans.
Designed to beautifully enhance your bridal look, our veils are made from the highest quality Italian and French laces and tulles. In accordance to the bride’s preference, the vail can be fully embellished with hand embroidery, or decorated with a custom made design adorning the veil’s borders.
Over the years, our atelier has strived to achieve excellence in the design and execution process. We create couture designs that are true to the value of the brand, ensuring the highest levels of quality and flawless finishings. We pride ourselves with the most experienced craftsmen and designers that studied and were trained in Paris, as well as working in the world’s top ateliers specializing in couture and wedding gowns, to guarantee a wedding gown that is sure to meet your highest expectations.