Dina Melwani’s couture collections focus on elevated elegance, feminine forms and timeless glamour. Our atelier creates designs that are always true to the core value of the brand, by ensuring the highest levels of quality and flawless finishing's.

Creating a couture garment involves many essential steps for delivering top quality gowns to our important clientele. Our creative director Dina Melwani and our talented artisans provide the highest attention to detail from the very beginning to the final stage.

Our couture and embroidery department, having years of expertise in Parisian couture ateliers, will help translate any of our client’s vision in to reality. Our team is driven by our passion and by our client’s wonderful experiences when wearing our designs. Undeniable craftsmanship is at the core of our garments.

Hundreds of hours of workmanship and fittings precede the exclusive Dina Melwani designs which finally come to fruition. We guarantee that our atelier will serve each individual needs of our clients, and help translate their dream gown in to reality.
Our creative director, Dina Melwani will welcome you to our atelier, located in the heart of Dubai, where you will experience a personalised consultation, and your vision will be discussed and understood in detail. We will study the occasion and also consider colors plus styles that inspire you and suit your body type best.
You will have the opportunity to select from our highest quality laces, custom fabrics in different color palettes, and have access to our exclusive embroidery swatches and corset designs. This will help you communicate your vision to our creative team. Our seamstresses will take your exact measurements in order to create there perfect bespoke gown for you.
Following the initial appointment, our team will form a clear understanding for your bespoke needs and create the perfect design sketch for you. Furthermore, some fabrics will be proposed for that particular design, that our team believes will be best suited for you.

A second appointment will then be booked, where our clients will approve the design and any necessary changes will be agreed upon together. During this appointment, our Clients will be able to meet first hand our masters and artisans and discuss the embroidery drawings and designs. If they wish to do so, they can include their own symbols in the embroidery design.
Our team will work with the concept, and create your unique pattern. The design will be first created in toile, and our clients will be invited to first fit the toile silhouette. This will help our technical department ensure that the final garment and the corset will fit our beautiful clients flawlessly before proceeding to translating the toile silhouette to a final silhouette in the fabric of your choice. According to the complexity of the design and embroidery, creating a dress can take several months to complete. Many departments are usually involved in creating your couture gown.

After our technical department will finalize the exact pattern for your gown, our embroidery department will develop the unique drawing and sampling for your bespoke pattern, before proceeding with the embroidery of the fabric. Consequently, the dress will be passed to our couture department, where all the final details will be completed and perfected by our artisans. You might be called for a second fitting before finalizing the final stitches, in order to ensure that everything is done perfectly for you.

Once the piece is perfect, a final fitting will be booked where our team will ensure that the piece fits you flawlessly, ready for your special occasion.