Dina Melwani

Dina Melwani is the Founder and the Creative Designer of the Melwani Couture Fashion House, established in 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Born to a creative family, in Moldova, Dina Melwani’s love for creativity comes from a young age, receiving many national and international painting awards. From a young age, Dina attended the Arts School for children, where she received further awards.

Dina later went on to study Business Administration at Middlesex University Dubai, where she finished with First– Class Honours, and became an Alumni Student. Simultaneously, she took courses in Fashion Design at Esmod University Dubai and internationally at the London College of Fashion. Presently, Dina Melwani is a participating member of the Fashion Design Advisory Board at the Middlesex University Dubai.

Since the brand’s existence, Dina’s designs became loved by women worldwide, due to the uniqueness, and top quality of the garments. The Melwani Couture fashion house is sensible of the female forms, accentuating its beauty and empowering the wearer through carefully crafted corsets and flawless construction techniques. Dina oversees the overall creative direction for the brand’s couture, ready-to-wear and Embroidery designs, ensuring that the integrity of each of the brand’s products is always a combination of fine fabrics, experienced European couturiers and Craftsmen, as well as Mrs. Dina Melwani’s vision for her Designs.